pabx for the factory


pabx for the factory

hai duong telecommunication service joint stock company. established and a pabx for the factory service provider, our company is the largest developer and service provider of pabx in vietnam. our main products include pbx, ip pbx & voip systems, ip phones, ip phones


Internal Pabx Installation Service

pabx for the factory .We are the biggest telecommunication equipment supplier- PBX developer & manufacturer in Vietnam. Our main products include PBX, IP PBX VoIP & systems, IP phones, IP phones, frequency hopping spectrum, frequency hopping spectrum, wireless sensor networks, digital switchboards, rural switches (central office switching system), sms phones, VoIP gateways, WLANs, wired and wireless phones, private branch switchboards and home security systems, machines alphanumeric & negative messaging, wireless local loop, hybrid PBX system, prepaid system, call center, optical modem (fiber optic), military and police communications systems, communication DECT system, MUX and access device.

providing diversified internal Pabx

pabx for the factory .telecommunications equipment & network systems- DECT wireless telephone system (advanced digital wireless telecommunications). phone access control.PBX & PABX system, IP PABX, IP PBX, main phone system, PBX and PABX equipment, VoIP solution, wireless PABX, CTI system, mini PBX, office & home PBX, Sip PBX, PBX SOHO, PC PBX, small business switchboard, VOIP PBX system, VOIP PBX system, GSM gateway.

pabx construction at factory

offers diverse internal pabx. Development and sale of group phone systems and communication equipment. The management idea is to provide continuous communication products to connect global communication and synchronize with world media. The dominant products include two brands . pabx for the factorypanasonic – nec – unify – ip panasonic – ip grandtream – ip yeastar mixed phone

system. Digital Key Phone and DSS. And brand products include hybrid group phone systems – ip phone – analog and numeric keypad phones

Contact pabx factory

and for free advice Configure and pabx for the factory, install video conferencing equipment and install a pabx as well as a telephone pabx installation service, pabx installation service, consulting technology solutions information for business, pabx installation solution, Reputable pabx installation service as well as light electrical installation in general, installation of prescription audio equipment, installation of bosch audio equipment, all information consulting customers please contact; hotline: 1900636518. Or contact the most bank office on the company system to install nec switchboard, install panasonic pabx, install siemens pabx, install unify pabx, install gradstream pabx d, install 3cx ip pabx.


Tax Code: 0801169209 HOTLINE: 1900636518

+ Installation of Office PABX in Hanoi: No. 68, Tran Quoc Toan Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

+ Installation of Office PABX in Hai Phong: 227 Đ. Hai Trieu Street, Quan Toan Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City

+ Installation of Office PABX in Da Nang: K204 / 16 Hai Phong Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City

+ Install PABX at Home Trang: 51C Trinh Phong, Ward Tan Lap, Nha Trang City -Khanh Hoa

+ Installing Office PABX in Saigon: 30/44 Truong Sa, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City (Near Thi Nghe Bridge)

+ Installation of Office PABX in Hai Duong: No. 9/14 – Ward Tu Thong – Ward Tu Minh – Hai Duong City

+ Install PABX in Quang Ninh: Number 679. Le Thanh Tong Street – Bach Dang Ward – Ha Long City – Tinh Quang Ninh

+ Installing the Office PABX in Bac Giang: 17 Nguyen Huu Nghiem – Tien An Ward – Bac Ninh City – Bac Ninh Province

+ Installing Office PABX in Bac Ninh: House No. 94 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Xuong Giang Ward, Bac Giang City

+ Install PABX in Cao Bang: Lot 10 New De Tham Urban Area – Cao Bang City

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